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Guilt creates energy blocks

GUILT is nothing but your past decisions and actions being reviewed with your updated intelligence.  For example, if you had a fight with a friend in school.  And many years later, is it right to review that incident and feel guilty? No! At that time you had only that much intelligence, so you behaved in that fashion. Now, you have updated intelligence. It doesn’t make sense to review the past with your present intelligence.

You are designed to move like a freely flowing river. Guilt is like rocks in the path of the water. The main problem is that society has subtly branded happiness as a sin. That is why you will notice, when everything is going smoothly and happily, there will be a lurking feeling of guilt in you. You are taught by society that being happy and enjoying life is being irresponsible in a way. So you feel guilty. But when you feel sad and depressed, do you ever feel guilty? No!


You are taught that life is a chain of suffering and endurance, with happiness stepping in once in a while. When you are enjoying, dancing or relaxing at the beach for example, suddenly you will observe guilt starts rising in you about all the work that is pending, about all the responsibilities that need to be fulfilled.

Your being is a crowd of voices that doesn’t belong to you. It is a totality of your mother’s voice, your father’s voice, your teacher’s voice, your neighbour’s voice etc. All these voices are in there. If there is only one voice, you will never have any problem. Your mind will move like a river. But there are so many voices telling you so many things and creating the rocks of guilt in your path.

As long as you flow like a river, you will express extraordinary intelligence in your life. You will breathe with an energy that is overflowing every minute. The moment you allow guilt in you, the moment you are stopped in your free flow, you create energy clots inside your being.

Guilt has no basis but it can destroy your whole life. Living and existing without guilt, will make you enjoy every moment without feeling any regret and still fulfilling all your responsibilities. When you commit a mistake, instead of feeling guilty, perceive objectively reasons for committing it, how you committed it.

Watch as an observer how and why it is getting repeated. Introspect scientifically into the mechanism of guilt. Just this awareness will open a new door and you will never commit the same mistake again because once you look into it, and discover the reasons, they will disappear. Be Blissful!


                -  Paramahamsa Nithyanda