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Healthy mind in a healthy body

Through analysis and synthesis of related issues concerning his own personality, the intelligent seeker would have, well and truly, commenced his progress to the ultimate, which is "victory over oneself", self knowledge (atmagnanam) or call what you will. A right beginning is more than half the work accomplished. This commencement is just the forerunner, in this virtuous cycle, to refinement and progress in other aspects too, which too are necessary for true spiritual fulfilment.

'Victory over oneself' would appear to imply that because it concerns one's reactions and impulses, the entire process would centre on and would thus have to commence with the mind. Because actions follow thought, it would also appear that one should first bring about the needed refinement in his thinking process, whereby other aspects would naturally follow. Various techniques including CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) base their approach on this concept.


Lending support to the view as above are also live examples in the form of persons, who, through observation and analysis, have actually been able to bring about tangible healthful changes in their thinking and thus all aspects of their personality.

Nevertheless, for the vast majority of aspirants, the idea of beginning with the mind would just not seem to work. This is because the mind, like the wind, is so hard to regulate and stabilise, in the manner conceived of by Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita (6,34). 
Pleasant convictions or changes would, with much analysis and tutoring, appear to establish, with the world and persons appearing nice and likeable, only for these feelings to disappear soon.  One has to wait, all over, for these to come back again!

To such persons, for whom advices finally prove to be more easily talked of than actually practised, what is the solution? The answer, it would appear, lies in the age-old visualisation of 'a healthy mind in a healthy body'. This concept also bases itself on the fact that the body, as also one's physical actions, are more directly under one's control and can hence be regulated, simply with greater awareness and observation. Fulfilment in this regard would naturally lead to greater clarity in the mind too and thus the entire psychosomatic system.

With this success, others too would follow, because nothing succeeds like success!