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    • Sharad some research that I have realised that my telephone wire, its socket and the modem splitter all got rusted, thanks to the seepage from wall. I changed them all...
      • Satheesh PM

        Thank you very much for reply. I dont think my probelm of net is with MTNL exchange.. its purly with my Modem.. if my modem get connected once ... there is will n...


        • Vasumathy Satheesh
          ..., fatigue, increased chance of bleeding or infection, and anemia. Some potential side effects from radiation include, loss of appetite, skin changes, and fat...

        Wire post

          • Satheesh PM
            since we changed the theme of ANN site for fast loading and to be responsive. So many function in our old site is still to be updated.. please cooperte with us for better and fst ANN site..
            • anilhai
              We have to discuss about the change over of electricity from Reliance to TATA energy. Regarding this matter Godavari Residential Association already send a letter to DCSEM. But no reply from them...


              • Murthy
                ...y to absorb nutrients. They grow less and they rejuvenate less. These changes affect y...your progeny as well, as your entire cellular and DNA structure can be changed by your...
                • Murthy
                  ...and analysis, have actually been able to bring about tangible healthful changes in their...ved of by Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita (6,34).  Pleasant convictions or changes would, w...


                • download_042
                  ...ent of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1930 for the discovery that when light traverses a transparent material, some of the light that is deflected changes in wavel...


                • Memory & Mind Power
                  This group is for the people who have done Dr. Gangadhar's workshop Memory & the power of the subconscious Mind. Group in to be intouch with people and keep on adding value to life!
                • A.C.E
                  ...iatiom By Civil Engineers   Getting together all the ideas of civil formulas and all ou of box civil engg. techs out here...... Kindly donate exchange and use a...