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Watch someone who gets angry very quickly. The more he gets angry, the more he seems addicted to being angry. Getting angry does not resolve problems.

Biologists tell us that repeated behaviour actually rewires the brain. Neural networks get established with repeated behaviour pattern. What this means is that anger breeds anger.

The emotions not only rewire your brain, but they also rewire your body. In their efforts to accommodate these repeated and debilitating emotions, the cells lose the capacity to absorb nutrients. They grow less and they rejuvenate less.

These changes affect you and more importantly affect your progeny as well, as your entire cellular and DNA structure can be changed by your behaviour.

Biology tells us that your emotions are chemicals, and these chemicals are released by the brain. We control these chemicals. However, over time, these chemicals can change you and control you.

Watch yourself getting angry the next time. What are you angry at? Are you angry at someone or are you angry about something? If you say that you are angry at some thing, at some behaviour, watch yourself as someone else repeats that behaviour. Do you get equally angry? Do you allow some people to get away with such behaviour, or even humour such behaviour in some people that would make you blow up at another person? Therefore, are you angry with a person because you have made up your mind to be angry with that person?

You will find that 90% of the time you are angry at a person and not a behaviour pattern or an issue. If you are angry with an issue you can learn to use that anger as energy and do something with that energy. If it is behaviour, you can learn to laugh at it. However, if it is a person, you have a deeper problem. You have already made a judgment about that person and all that you do is to collect evidence to support your judgment. Nothing that person does can be right for you.

With awareness you can drop these judgments. Awareness makes you realise the truth that you and another person and every other person are the same at a deep level. If you are getting angry with someone, you are in fact getting angry with yourself. It is your negativities that make you see others negatively. It is possible to drop these negativities via meditation. Don’t get angry, become aware.