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Five Easy Ways to Back up Data on your PC


Like most other calamities, a hard drive doesn't issue a prior warning before crashing.

What if you wake up one fine day and switch on your PC to discover that the hard disk has conked out and has taken a toll on your precious data? Even the thoughts of such a thing are enough to send shivers down the spine.

Most people keep convincing them that hard drive crashes only happen to other people. But the reality is that all hard drives of all PCs are vulnerable to crashing and therefore it's extremely important that you keep a backup your data. This is important unless you want to re-build the entire database from scratch which can indeed be a very painful experience.

We're telling you some easy ways to back up your data to save you from the horror of losing all those pictures, movies, music files and what not.

Disk Imaging

To begin with, take a snapshot of your entire hard drive. This can be easily done through these two backup and disk imaging software programs: Macrium Reflect and Acronis True Image. These applications save everything, including the programs installed on your PC.

Get Macrium Reflect from and Acronis True Image from


Extremely easy-to-use and handy, email is a great way to back up your important files. Gmail offers you almost 2.76 GB of free space. While you won't be able to back up videos and movies via this method, you can certainly park your important documents at the safe Gmail severs. A good idea would be to create an ID like: Using the search feature, you can easily locate a particular file.

External Hard Drive

Ergonomically designed, these hard drives can store huge quantities of data. Many external hard drives can password-protect your files and because these are powered by your PC, you would not require an extra power supply. These days, external hard drives with storage capacity of up to 750 GB are easily available.

USB Flash Drive

Colloquially known as pen drives, these cute little sticks can be very handy. cannot store huge chunks of data, they can still easily store a good quantity of your important files. The best thing about them is that they normally around the size of your thumb and you can easily shove them into your pocket. You can store Word documents, Powerpoint Presentations, pictures, mp3 files and even a few movies in case your pen drive has a storage capacity of 8 GB or more.

Mac Time Machine and Windows Backup/Restore and

Mac users have a wonderful built-in backup program called Time Machine. After backing up the files, it also restores them with great versatility. It is found in the dock by default but you can also locate it in the applications menu. Also, enjoy the eye-catching animations when you use this program.

Windows too have a facility called System Restore which is automated and is intended to restore your PC in the event of a catastrophic failure or attack by a virus. It can be found in the control panel in Windows 7. Windows 'Backup' feature can also be handy, though it's quite inferior to the other options mentioned in this article.

Apart from this you can also store your data on DVDs and Blu-ray discs. But make sure you use rewritable disks. Remember, creating a backup is the only way to secure your data. Avoid last minute data loss nightmares and start backing up your data regularly.


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    • Prajwal

      Thanks and extremly informative about the software...

      • Sharad

        Nice info. I personally use and like Acronis. With windows-7 it also has a feature to convert the acronis-created-image to be recognised by Windows and vice-versa, very handy utility. Another great software from Acronis is the Disk Director which eases a lot of dis related tasks, like partitioning, changing type of the disk, etc which otherwise seem to be complicated for a normal user.