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5 Essential Tips to Earthquake Safety

5 Essential Tips to Earthquake Safety

Earth quake safety tipsThe rule of thumb for earth quake protection is simple: "Duck and Cover". In wake of the recent earth quakes the world has witnesses ANN has compiled a list of 5 essential tips to remember if you witness an earth-quake.







During an earthquake, the one most important thing to remember is the "DROP and COVER RULE". Simply fall flat on the floor if you're out in the open. If you're indoors, it is extremely important that you maintain being calm and try to take cover under a heavy object like study tables.

2. Stay away from Buildings



If you are outdoors, stay as far away from buildings as possible. Take special precaution from being far away from Glass buildings.

3. Stay away from things that can Fall

Stay away from pretty much anything that you feel could 'Possibly' Fall.

4. Surviving Crowded Areas

If you find yourself in a crowded area, stay calm. Do not attempt to sprint to the nearest exit. More often than not, a greater percentage of lives are lost due to panic situations during an earthquake leading to stampedes. All you need to remember is to take cover under something heavy and stay at a fair distance from anything that could possible fall on you.

5. Aftershocks

Be aware of aftershocks after the initial earthquake has ended. Aftershocks are follow-up earthquakes. They are smaller than the first one, but still are very dangerous.

For those with anxiety problems, here are a few tips that may come in handy. Dealing with difficult people, especially at your work place may prove to be essential in case of a crisis situation.