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    • Satheesh PM
      Following are the members of Anushakti Nagar Networking Site who got Rs. 100 topup in their mobile after earning more than 500+ points. Mr. Vimalnath Nair Mr. Narasimhan Mr. Manohar Chotrani Mr. Bella Canzone Mr. Gaurav Kadam Mrs. Vasumathy Satheesh May be your Name
      • Satheesh PM
        ...Conditions. You must earn a minimum of 500 points to claim...processed after verification Invited friends points will be a...eligible for next top up till you cross a 1750 points. At 1750...

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        • Satheesh PM
          These are the points which you will ge...or those who get more points in the we...s     Points for makin...    5 Points for addin...nbsp;   10 Points for likin...s     Points for loggi...
          • Murthy
   controls his thinking, the fool is controlled by it”, he also points out that...ys commence but with the first step. It is in this spirit that Gita too points out (6,25...


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