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Point System Started

    Satheesh PM

    These are the points which you will get in each activity in ANN website. ANN moderators has more plans for those who get more points in the website.

    Thank you

    General Activities    
    Points for making another member a friend:    10
    Points for posting a blog entry:    10
    Points for uploading a file:    5
    Points for adding a bookmark:    4
    Points for posting a comment / discussion reply:    3
    Points for posting to the wire:    2
    Points for starting a group:    7
    Points for adding a discussion topic:    10
    Points for posting to a user's message board:    2
    Points for adding a page:    10
    Points for liking an item:    3
    Points for editing profile information    
    Points for editing profile:    15
    Time before awarding points for editing profile again?    1 Month
    Points for adding a profile icon:    10
    Time before awarding points for adding a profile icon again?    1 Month
    Points for posting a poll:    5
    Points for voting on a poll:    2
    Points for creating a photo album:    3
    Points for uploading a photo:    2
    Points for tagging a photo:    1
    Login Settings    
    Points for logging in:    5
    Time before awarding points again?    I Day
    Maximum number of days between logins to be awarded points:    1
    Invite Settings    
    Points for inviting a friend:    25
    Validate email addresses of invited friends?    Yes
    Require registration for invited friends?    Yes
    Expire points for pending invitations / allow re-invitation after:    4 Weeks