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    • Nitin Padelkar
      We have to support MTNL over other service providers because we are government employees and MTNL is government will always provide better service with minimum charges.others may charge more in future.
      • Satheesh PM

        ...what people do in Western sector.. I have seen 2-3 people just throwing away the he has waste bin kept in-front of his flat Door. Instead of throwing away he could...


      Wire post

        • Satheesh PM
          Upcoming feature Auto river update which updates the river in ajax way with out refresh of the page.. thank you
          • Aathira V Satheesh
            friendship request icon is visible in top-bar always


            • Murthy
              ...osely, we will realise that goals always create w...affects the results. Work should always be done...capable of doing because it takes away our with the energy of inspiration always gives go...
              • Murthy
                ....." – you are burdened with the sense of doership. This is not the way. Go to the office or your shop, but plan your day in such a way as if you...


                • Mandar
                  ...hirt with the chest number pinned to it and prominently visible from a distance. 5 Do carry a small water bottle in case you get thirsty along the way. (Shaile...
                  • J P Nair
           of making the sankalpa manifest.   Benefits of Sankalpa :   Sankalpas are taken for the sake of washing away ones sins...




                    • Daisy
                      ...wnat to get the output as fast as possible. I hate hypocracy and liars. I want all to be honest like me. I am almost like a child and hence I am always saved by...


                    • GUESS THIS................ FIND THAT..........
                      Guess This....... Find That........ A Innovative group to "Know Your Colony"......which is also a group in this ANN. Both of this goes hand-in-hand. Quiz+Imagination+Guessing and good way to know your colony. Open to all and shear enjowledge (Enjoyment+Knowledge) keep lookin fr updates......