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    • Satheesh PM

      yes. I was thinking of putting a box for blood group in profile which is search-able. So if anyone need any type of blood search here in ANN site and then you can contact the person for that type of blood.

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      • jaya
        teenagers should take at least parent opinion in thinking what they are so that they are what they want
        • Satheesh PM
          @Narasimhan Mr. Narasimhan sir within 80 Days we hav 423+ mems. still I'm working on site (& always I am) thinking dis vl b useful 4 others


          • Murthy
            ...ate of control, poise and clarity lies, as James Allen notes, in right thinking. Observing that “the wise man controls his thinking, the fool...
            • Murthy
              ...resort to such ‘spiritual crutches’, is often a sign of a disorder in one’s very approach to life and in his ways of acting and thinking. It wo...


              • Himanshu R.
                Dreams.... Positive Thinking to believe those thoughts and Positive Attitude to achieve those dreams.... .... this is ME !!!