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    • Satheesh PM

      ...+some taxes.) they have so many other plans too 320 KBps unlimited at Rs. 395 with out phone connection. 512 Kbps unlimited at Rs. 595<!-- display tags --&g...
      • Satheesh PM

        Audio player for profile is created. You can listen music now. More details please seen the "News & Announcements section"

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        • Anup Kar
          Play school, drawing classes available up to 10 years. 9930338459 may be contacted in this rehard.
          • SANJAY P PARDHI
            No any well condition of playing equipment for kids in our barc colony, so most of people goes out at BMC garden opp main gate.but why??


            • Murthy
     6. Increase the sources of your happiness: Gardening, singing, playing an might incur. 8. Forgive and forget: Forgiving your opponents who played dirty m...
              • Murthy
                ...or your shop, but plan your day in such a way as if you were a prince at play. You shou...Line]--> <!--[endif]--> Milton would reply, "Birds sing, winds play about and...


                • Mandar
                  ...f Groups, BARC Heads of Divisions/ Sections, BARC (with a request to display on AEEC/AERB/BRIT/DCS&EM/DPS/HWB/NPC/TIFR/TMC (with a request to display on Notice...
                  • J P Nair
            year the shravan month is from the 31st of August to 30th of September.     Why Rudra Puja The world is a play of energy...



                  • n42_quinn-ballard
           Table Mountain as we were headed in for dinner. I was in such a rush to capture the sunset while trying to keep an eye on a bunch of kids on the playground tha...
                  • n40_fred-wang
           in the mist of a late afternoon shower. Refreshing smell after rain was mixed with the aroma from nearby food stands. In the distance, kids were playing and la...


                    • Pratik Kulgod
                      Im a drummer, percussionist and drum teacher based in Mumbai.I teach drums at the Euphony Center of Performing Arts.And I play drums for Vajra , Set In Stone and a couple of other projects.I also do live and recording sessions for other musicians.
                      • Benjamin.B
                        I can play violin and electronic key board