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    • antonyanil
      ...both visible and invisible items. The visible items have macro-spatial dimensions. The invisible items have micro-spatial dimensions and hence, the eye cannot ca...
      • bella canzone

        Some of the 'car wash boys' are into this business - of stealing and selling it. Keep an eye (or two) on them. Keeping a watchman is good but nowadays any car's logo is available for 50Rs. Purchase plenty of them and keep some stick fast handy.


        • Murthy
          ...hat beauty." His wife would say, "But you don't have vision. How can you see beauty?" Milton would reply: "Beauty is not seen with external eyes. The eyes that see...
          • Murthy
            ...d be ineffective, incapable of performing even small necessary acts with the needed clarity and briskness. Their single track mind also shuts their eyes to many,...



          • n42_quinn-ballard
            ...ick shot of the sun setting over Table Mountain as we were headed in for dinner. I was in such a rush to capture the sunset while trying to keep an eye on a bunc...
          • n34_janet-chester
            ...ave had the opportunity to see a Lynx up close and personal. As I photographed this beautiful cat, I felt transfixed by its wild, untamed, haunting eyes. This is...