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    • Satheesh PM
      Enjoying vacation in chungathra , kerala...
      • Gangadhar Kalyane
        Today 12-3-2014 I participated in the cyclothon organized by BARCOA, FROM nALANDA Square to South Site. I thoroughly enjoyed this cyclothon.


        • Murthy
          ...only to learn from mistakes. Dream of the future but remember you can't enjoy it until...retain the childlike habit of questioning are happy on two counts. They enjoy getting t...
          • Murthy
            ...lf; and is perfected through the practice of developing the 'witness' attitude . Therefore, instead of carrying the burden of the sense of doer or enjoyer, one sh...



            • SUDHIR KHULLAR
              I feel very much priviliged to join this group because I love the populace of this colony. The ambience itself, which I have also enjoyed right from my childhood...
              • Dattatray
                i m down to earth n having principals to live life n fully enjoying.


              • GUESS THIS................ FIND THAT..........
                Guess This....... Find That........ A Innovative group to "Know Your Colony"......which is also a group in this ANN. Both of this goes hand-in-hand. Quiz+Imagination+Guessing and good way to know your colony. Open to all and shear enjowledge (Enjoyment+Knowledge) keep lookin fr updates......  
              • Music Lovers
                Those who listen music, enjoy them criticise them - Please join this group.