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    • sanjay

      ...r with BMCs help). solar heater be provided on optional base on all building tops. all street light be replaced with solar led lights. (save max energy). this ma...


      • Satheesh PM improvement in human health and longer life spans. "All of Us will be able to help make a difference to our air quality if we are committed to energy serving."...
        • Satheesh PM
          The sun is the ultimate source of energy on Earth Solar Energy is a radiant light...ce ancient times. Plants absorb the light energy from the...ccount for most of the available renewable energy on Earth....

        Wire post

          • HEMRAJ MEENA
            why atomic energy central school refund tution fees plse tell me
            • anilhai
              We have to discuss about the change over of electricity from Reliance to TATA energy. Regarding this matter Godavari Residential Association already send a letter to DCSEM. But no reply from them...


              • Satheesh PM
                ...focus on lock-downs skills rather than strength and it emphasize more on throwing, pinning, and joint-locking techniques. In Jiu-Jitsu opponent’s energy itself is...
                • Murthy
                  ...tion, not worry. Inspiration is an overflowing energy that expa...lly capable of doing because it takes away our energy.  ...he task to the fullest. Any task done with the energy of inspir...


                  • J P Nair
                    ...September.     Why Rudra Puja The world is a play of energy, negative...e pray to Shiva – the Lord of transformation; the entire negative energy around us...


                    • Pratyoosh Sharma
                      I'm A Student In Atomic Energy Junior College,Mumbai (Class XII) Studying Biology+Information Technology  
                      • Bhanu P Hada
                        I am Mechanical Engg Graduate & completed my PG in Energy Management & currently working as Assistant Professor in SAKEC, Chembur.