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    • Sharad

      Why don't you check out the following link: If you purchased a wifi one it's a little bit different.
      • antonyanil
        ...has no spatial dimensions at all. It is beyond space and does not contain space since it is the generator of the space. Therefore, you must differentiate the i...

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        • hakhan
          What is the different between marriage and mirage!


          • Murthy
            ...extent. If we have given our best, there is nothing to feel bad about being the last. It is not a sign of failure; it is a sign of success at a different level &n...
            • Murthy
     other when a decision has to be made because they were recorded at different times and...s. This conflict becomes our dilemma. For each person, the dilemma is different as there...


              • J P Nair
                ...nbsp; Specially trained Pandits perform this special Puja. The chanting of the mantras is so pure and meditative that it takes us to a different plane. S...



              • n24_kostadin-luchansky
       Angola. A road built in the 70's, it's been in the country's postcard images for decades, but all shots were taken by day. I wanted something different and tried...
              • n06_freddy-cerdeira
                Liquid Planet. Another picture from the Liquid Vision Series, which shows a different point of view of waves. An angle that people are not used to seeing. (Photo and caption by Freddy Cerdeira)


                • sam
                  Interested in discussing the problems of employees of DAE and different problems inside the complex. 
                  • K G BUSHAN
                    Hi everybody! Apart from Science and Research, my favorite pastime/hobby is my 13-string Violin.  I play very different music forms from Jazz to Klezmer.  Creative pursuits give great fulfillment.