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    • Sharad
      Nice info. I personally use and like Acronis. With windows-7 it also has a feature to convert the acronis-created-image to be recognised by Windows and vice-versa,...
      • Soumyadip Mondal

        ...have heard negative stories about the hospital too. But all will agree things are improving with every passing day with every new facility being created....

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        • Satheesh PM
          I didnt find any group named so and so... Did you created it? or experienced any problems?
          • Dr. Gangadhar
            Memory & Mind power group has been created, people who have done workshop with me are requested to join the group. free follow up program.


            • Murthy
              ...ewhere within us. We start moving with the natural flow of things. When we watch worry with awareness, we focus light on exactly how worry is created, how it e...
              • Murthy
                ...autiful mosques, churches, cathedrals, temples, Ajanta and Ellora were created by religious people. Whenever religious activity predominates, art is created, music is...


                • J P Nair
                  ...has a effect on our being, the ancient Rishis figured out which sound created what impact on the brain and that is how the Mantras were created. The mant...