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    • Sharad some research that I have realised that my telephone wire, its socket and the modem splitter all got rusted, thanks to the seepage from wall. I changed them all...
      • Satheesh PM

        Thank you very much for reply. I dont think my probelm of net is with MTNL exchange.. its purly with my Modem.. if my modem get connected once ... there is will n...
        • Satheesh PM

          ...ard, by default any comment or reply made on the orginal posting will be emailed to the first auther.. (auther of the orginal post) Also you can change the way A...
          • Satheesh PM

            Are you able to browse net if connected to mankurdh Exchange? Did you try resetting ur ADSL ? Backup files before u do that..
            • saju

              Sir, I am worried because i am unable to use net as i am now connected to Anushaktinagr exchange. My router is not wireless.
              • Satheesh PM

                is this a wireless router? if its working with mankurd exchange why u r worring?
                • Soumyadip Mondal

                  For a change let me share my experience with the psychiatry OPD. Back in 2007, I suffered a setback with a phase of depression. From then on I am a psychiatry pa...
                  • Satheesh PM
                    Hacked the codes for all links available now planning to change the theme before completion date (Don't have enough time to work on this)