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    • Viju Chirayil

      No, that is what shivsena.etc are doing from beginning and it is amply evident that it has not got them or mumbai/maharashtra any better. further ramdev is not going to fight corruption with violence, he will fight those who interferes with his political stunt.

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      • Satheesh PM
        Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending


        • Murthy
          ...of impulse, whim and passion’.   Victory over oneself thus begins through...little by little’ (shanaihi, shanaihi). Doubtless, this earnest beginning , cha...
          • Murthy
            ...g and worry. We should do things totally and to the best of our ability and not bother about appreciation from others. We should be clear from the beginning that...


          • tata-megapixel (5)
            The at-home charging system is an as innovative induction charging system. The car has simply to be parked over the induction pad for charging to begin.