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    • Satheesh PM

      ...what people do in Western sector.. I have seen 2-3 people just throwing away the he has waste bin kept in-front of his flat Door. Instead of throwing away he could...
      • bella canzone

        ...the patient and relatives. The casuality also is now crowded with practicing doctors just passed out from the college who help the patient to pass away easily if...

      Wire post

        • bella canzone
          Why Baba was afraid of Police and ran away if he is a real 'Satyagrahi'? We never saw Gandhiji or Anna doing this leaving supporters alone.
          • bella canzone
            Away from Anuhsaktinagar, but not missing it because of ANN!


            • Murthy
              ...t expands our capacity to do things. Worry, on the other hand, shrinks our capacity and limits what we are really capable of doing because it takes away our energ...
              • Murthy
                ...time because our mind is a programmed hardware. The stress of suffering or worrying becomes part of our being. If the worry or stress is taken away from us,...



              • n38_eric-garnett
                North Atlantic seals enduring winter storm. It was already -1 and with a strong wind it was colder still, Had to position myself so as to shield the camera from the wind to keep the image sharp the snow was being blown horizontally away from me. (Photo and caption by Eric Garnett)


                • bella canzone
                  ...rrows and pain, I believe that it will never happen to me. I never meet with an accident like other's do. When I see a death, I  believe, it is far away for me. R...