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Go Green : Acid Rain

    Satheesh PM

    The Rain is like Acid
    it eats it all way
    should be more placid
    would help in a big way
    But one Day the tree will be gone
    It seems all the people do is yawn
    But when it is Black, Dark and no Bark
    We'll wish we were sitting in a Green Park


    Acidic Gases emitted form power stations, motor vehicles and heavy industrial plant rise into the atmosphere, where they dissolve in water to form acidic droplets in rain clouds. More often than not, these clouds are swept some distance before the droplets within them become large enough to fall as rain. Much of the acid rain that falls on Canada, for example, is the result of heavy industry in Northern US states


    Acid rain cause environmental problems . For example freshwater habitats become barren as the water in them grows too acidic for organisms to survive. FOREST KILLER as acid rain reaches into soil, its is taken up by tree roots and slowly kills of trees.