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How to Tackle Facebook Spam

imageIf you plan to be a netizen, you have to battle with one of your worst enemies - spam. After invading our Gmail and Yahoo! mailboxes, spam is now pouncing upon our dear 'friend' Facebook. Everyday thousands of users' walls are flooded with numerous spam posts.

These spam messages are generated through other users or via some third-party applications over which FB doesn't seem to have any control.

Facebook developers claim to their bit in tackling this problem of spam, especially the app-generated spam, but given the vastness of FB, the developers have met with only partial success.

Here are some tips to counter Facebook spam and preventing yourself from inadvertently contributing to the problem:

Be wary of Facebook Links Scam

Most of these are third party products which try to access your profile information. They cajole the users into agreeing to install an FB app that has the ability of posting to user's and his friends' walls. They would often display luring messages like: “Hey! I just got an iPad!!” or “OMG click here to watch this video! You won't like to miss it.” Many of these are presented as promotions of a product or service and the worse part about is that they can imitate original ad campaigns. Many of us can easily fall for them.


Keep in mind:

Be careful of short links accompanying text on your from people who normally do not post links.

Scrutinise any tempting application thoroughly.

Try and do a Google search about that app and if you stumble upon anything which is startling.

However, if you do become the unfortunate victim to a spam attack, then:

Open your Facebook Privacy Settings page and click on the bottom section titled 'Apps and Websites'.

You'll get to see a list of the recent apps you have accessed from your profile. Select the apps you want to remove and then remove them from your account.

Delete any such messages posted by the app. Also bring this to the notice of your friends.

Reporting Bogus Stuff to the Developers


While Facebook has automatic spam filters in its setup, keep an eye out on spam messages contained in comments on posts. If you think some spam comments/links are being posted, do not hesitate in reporting them to the developers. You can flag wall posts as spam and the accounts you think are bogus should be reported to Facebook.

Providing Information to Apps


Facebook spam is not limited to rogue apps which send messages on your behalf. Some apps try to access information related to you (and your friends' as well). They may appear alright initially but can become a nuisance eventually. So be very careful about what information you allow the app to access. If an app asks you to divulge a huge amount of personal info, the best idea would be to get rid of it asap.